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magic advices, magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicDifficult life situations. Many of them we’re able to solve through our own efforts, but some issues don’t leave such opportunity. However, people often ignore the obvious facts, continuing to use common methods where they are completely ineffective. It’s always better to prevent the troubles appearence, than deal with their consequences, so below we’ll consider the moments that should be paid special attention to in order to avoid the negative energy transfer (negative transference) as it also contributes the sudden appearance of complex problems in different spheres.

Note: all following advices are based on my clients experience. Don’t make same mistakes they made.

Keep silent about upcoming events or personal/family painful issues – a time-tested truth. It’s better not to discuss such information even with mates, not to mention extraneous persons. Quite understandable desire to share information may turn against you.

Try to avoid quarrels and conflicts. We all are different: someone will let go of the situation, someone will harbor resentment for a long time. Even the most inconspicuous individual is capable of very unpleasant surprises and some especially vindictive/inadequate people manage to spoil others’ lives for years, even without direct (face to face) confrontation.

Pay back debts. Debt liabilities create unseen channels. They can be used for purposes that are far from favorable for the borrower.

Don’t give anyone (including relatives) your used things – clothes, jewelry/accessories, wedding accessories. Never let sisters/girlfriends try wedding dress/veil/ring on.

Don’t pick up anything on the street and don’t bring it to your home. The more valuable the find, the more likely it’s that someone wanted to get rid of his/her problems, relying on passerby greed. This also applies to receiving (as a gift) or buying used things; economy on new clothes, furniture, appliances, toys, under some circumstances, can cost you a lot.

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes – without firm confidence in the giver’s feelings sincerity it’s better not to accept anything from him/her. Guests’ gifts or things hidden by them with malicious intent, even insignificant ones (like a small needle), can have a destructive effect for a long time.

Don’t purchase masks/figurines of mythical creatures, gods and spirits, no matter what positive changes, according to the seller’s assurances, they may bring to you.

Each house has its own energy, atmosphere and memory of past events. When buying/renting real estate it’ll be useful to inquire about its history. It’s not recommended to purchase house/apartment which was a murder/suicide scene.

Close proximity to unfortunate, inadequate or seriously ill (immovable) people can also leave a negative print. If you live with such person, it doesn’t mean you should avoid him, just don’t use his things.

One effective rule: home is the private territory for the family members; as for other people, you can meet them at a cafe, bar, restaurant, etc. It’s especially important for those who are successful in business and/or happy in a relationship/marriage. Hospitality is a good social tradition, but nowdays it can bring unexpected troubles.

Avoid friendly tactile contacts with strangers/unpleasant persons – hugging, patting on the shoulder, etc.

Idle curiosity isn’t welcome in magic, inexperienced beginner should never perform black/high magic rituals with the direct invocation of spirits/demons. In the absence of proper training and experience the layman will never get the desired result, but he can attract the unnecessary attention of supernatural forces. This definitely won’t end good for him.