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attachments, energy cords, magic legacy, love magic, ritual magic, magicQuarrels, conflicts, resentments, breakups. Even convinced optimists don’t always easily endure such events, not to mention less positive-minded individuals. The human memory tends to store unpleasant memories. Some people can’t break out of the time loop of painful experience, they returning to it over and over again. The inability to let go of the past inevitably affects our behavior, bringing us new difficulties. Relationship issues, career problems, misfortunes are only half the trouble.

From the moment of birth every person forms invisible energy exchange channels – so-called attachments or cords, first with parents, then with friends, workmates, lovers, spouses and even enemies. This is a normal natural process. Connection has a two-way character, we give and receive. The quality of what is transfered (good or bad) depends on a number of factors, primarily on the interaction with each individual. The strongest channels are formed with family members or when we fall in love. Serious fights/separation can lead to disruptions in energy exchange with the sudden shift to one side: we begin to endow those around us with various benefits to the detriment of ourselves.

How often men and women feel inner desolation after a breakup? Abandoned lovers acting like they lost a part of soul, constantly remember the happy/sad moments together and, as a result, they can’t recover for a long time, can’t regain peace, confidence and stability. This state leaves a certain imprint on the affected party, his/her well-being, appearance, it’s reflected in the social status, while the former partner’s positions become more and more advantageous. Sometimes recovery from traumatic past lasts for many years, so the hostages of smoldering feelings literally feed the exes with energy, but recieve nothing in return. In some cases they also pull on other people’s problems/bad habits/addictions.

A heavy breakup is far from the only reason for the energy exchange disruption. Toxic friendship, bullying, undercover (office) intrigues, debt obligations, the predominance of negative emotions, hatred, a violent desire to possess something, dependence on someone – all these situations lead to their usual consequences, but also affect on a more subtle level, undermine human health, deprive him/her of luck, prosperity, chances for the better future. Even an ordinary love spell forms an energy cord that can gradually drain the withcraft victim. The main problem is that the attachements are capable of keeping the outflow channel open for a long time, which may have the most undesirable outcome. In order to avoid the worst, cords needs to be cut off – using the psychology and magic methods. In the latter case, some special practices/rituals allow not only to remove harmful connections, but also to return the benefits previously given to others, get rid of the negative energy received in return, and also to create reliable protection to prevent the resumption of the channel’s functioning and the formation of new attachements.

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