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Blocked Roads

blocked roads, magic legacy, ritual magic, magicWe all have own path in life. For some people it’s straight and comfortable, for others it’s tortuous and full of various trials. Nobody knows what experience the road will eventually give, but one thing is clear enough: in order to fulfill our fate, it’s important to keep moving forward despite the difficulties arise in the process. Much depends on each person himself/herself, what direction he/she’ll choose, what decision will make, how will act in the face of adversity. Nevertheless, it often happens that a journey lead us to strange insurmountable obstacles.

Among all destructive magical impacts there is one wich can stop any progress on the road of destiny. Stop for a long time. Its name «blocked roads» perfectly reflects the essence: to understand the principle of functioning you need to imagine an absolute dead end with no possibility to bypass it. The power of such influence always depend on the nature of the task assigned by the spellcaster: he/she can create partial block (love, career, finance) or complete overlap of any undertakings. As a result, the witchcraft victim gets into continuous black stripe, failure follows failure, any attempts to succeed in something, implement new projects, develop a business, establish stable relationship end in nothing, as a result, the individual becomes discouraged and loses hope for positive changes, which in turn brings the gradual degradation of character traits, the manifestation of various diseases, infertility, devastation, poverty and even death (in the worst cases). The duration of depressive stagnation is again determined by the goals pursued by the practitioner.

What else may block the life path?

Predestination from above. Sometimes it happens to prevent us from far more serious troubles.

Family curse. The ancestors dark legacy.

Hex. A favorite method of hidden revenge invariably used by embittered former partners, rejected admirers, envious relatives, friends, colleagues, competitors. In addition, the blockage may arise as a cumulative result of other powerful negative influences.

An unexpected consequence of victim’s own destructive magical rites/rituals or using strong mirror protection, fully reflecting both bad and good events.

We are the main source of our problems. So people say. Well, it’s a lot easier to complain about bad circumstances or evil destiny, the machinations of inventive enemies, retrograde Mercury, etc., than try to change oneself. Laziness, unwillingness to bear responsibility, excessive suspiciousness, insecurity, self-restraint through psychological attitudes contribute to plunging into the gloomy swamp of procrastination, stagnation and lack of prospects.

Skillfully performed hex sometimes manifests itself very intricately. For example, a victim loose chances to reveal the innate talent, and even if he gets one, he’ll still prefer to do something that isn’t suitable for him, receiving mere pennies for it, and avoiding more profitable activities. At the physical level, a periodic legs (arms) pain can also be an alarming sign of the mentioned impact’s presence.

Accurate diagnostics, identifying the true causes of the malicious influence is the first important step towards successful overcoming of artificially created obstacles. Considering the relevant work complexity (cleanse, opening roads to new opportunities, life correction), turning to an inexperienced layman may only significantly worsen an already difficult situation, so it’d be much better to accept help from an experienced white magic practitioner.

Did you or your loved ones have to deal with blocked roads? Contact me, together we’ll find an effective solution for this problem. Confidentiality is guaranteed.