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Candle Magic

candle magic, fire magic, magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicFire. The first of the four matter elements. The pure boundless energy of the universe. Since ancient times people have used it: for good or bad deeds. Fire can purify, liberate and destroy; take, give and save lives. Not surprisingly, it’s found wide application in magical practices, including those that can be performed in house conditions.

Candle magic is simple and accessible to everyone; it doesn’t require long complex rituals. A candlestick, a candle, matches, they’ll be enough to call upon the primordial element to help you, to feel and unleash the power hidden in the timid dance of the brewing flame. Even a weak light can disperse the frightening dusk of the night, so just imagine the potential of an object made by the hands of an experienced white magic practitioner. There are a lot of similar offers on the internet, but my work has its undeniable advantages.

Real magic never required an outstanding breathtaking design; the simplest things are often the most effective. Each candle is handmade by me for specific purposes: for example, cleanse/protection (client, his/her home, other property); find new love, improve life (prosperity, finances), etc. I also accept individual orders for various situations.

I use only high-quality natural materials for my candles: 100% natural beeswax, dyes, own herbal collection.

Affordable cost, worldwide shipping.

And one more important thing, my candles aren’t decorations, they really help – a fact verified by clients.

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