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magic diagnostics, magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicThe success in solving any difficult situation always depends on identifying the causes of its occurrence. When the common ways of truth searching show their ineffectiveness, people pay attention to alternative methods, including those which go beyond the usual understanding.

Like the medicine, magic begins with accurate diagnostics. This is the main principle. Diagnostic analysis allows to find source of the problem, determine the malicious influences nature, choose the most effective solutions to get rid of it, designate the vector of upcoming events and get right answers to many other questions.

Tarot cards, runes, pendulum, magic practitioners resort to various divination techniques, sometimes combining them to obtain more detailed information. As for me, I use an ancient ritual (part of family legacy), which demonstrates a high precision result.

My diagnostics is superior to any traditional method of divination. It’ll convince any skeptic. No verbosity, no lengthy monologue, no wrong conclusions – I won’t waste time with irrelevant details. Send me recent photo (selfie), tell me your name, date of birth and I’ll find the root causes of all miseries.

The service cost depends on the request – more tasks you have, more time I need to work with them. Even so I don’t make money on people’s grief, my prices are very affordable. Client can also order basic complex, I’ll check him/her for the presence of black magic destructive programs (hex, curse and others).

Subjective assessment is one more important aspect. Contacting me for diagnostics, most people want to get confirmation of the veracity of their intuitions. So, by sending pics of loved ones, men and women expect to hear a beautiful romantic story about neverending love, but eventually receive less pleasant answers: for example, about partner’s deceitfulness and his/her tendency to cheat, which has already shown or will show itself in close future. Others associate their misfortune with specific individuals, but learn that the real ill-wishers are their best friends or even relatives.

Dealing with unexpected information, some persons can’t come to terms with it: familiarization with the facts is often accompanied by distrust, reproaches and requests for double-check. In order to avoid such situations, it’s necessary to understand that turning to white magic doesn’t imply a therapy session on the cozy sofa or sweet self-deception, it means acceptance of the truth, which sometimes can be inconvenient and very bitter. The practitioner only conveys information and will never distort it or mislead a client. In turn, diagnostician isn’t interested in emotional statements about the impeccability/loyalty and the infallibility of someone’s loved ones. However, sometimes an unbiased view and an objective assessment of the situation is enough – even for those who persistent in their unwillingness to accept reality as it is.

Do you need my help? Contact me for any questions. Confidentiality is guaranteed.