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Enemy Mine

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Common question from witchcraft victims. Providing information about the ill-wishers in most cases generates anger, revenge, a tough response to it and the new cycle of destructive magic impacts, so I prefer not to disclose enemies identities – they’ll surely get what they deserve even without any additional influence. However, the one whom you suspect isn’t always the main source of your miseries.

We all have enemies. This is how life is. Their words and actions definitely have some effect on us, but more serious problems are often caused by a completely different category of ill-wishers. Relatives, friends, former partners; hiding the true self behind a captivating mask of pretense and hypocrisy, some of them keep access to our hearts for years. We share experience, thoughts and feelings with them. Yes, when we have difficult stuations, such individuals express false sympathy, but at the first convenient opportunity they will all seek to take advantage of it. Some people will stop at nothing in order to achieve their dubious goals, even before turning to magic, its dark side. Examples? Far too many. Disputes over inheritance, family business, black envy, etc. – our reality keeps a lot of stories filled with unfounded hatred and betrayal. As a rule, the force of malicious impacts from close people exceeds other negative influences potential, and their meanness sometimes has no boundaries. However, the enemies intentions are quite obvious, but we tend to suspect anyone, not our closed ones, which inevitably turns against us. Cui prodest (who profits)? – a question that is relevant at all times.


Words that can’t be forgotten. Actions that can’t be forgiven. Moments when even the loved ones become nobody.

Enmity. Personal enmity, everyday/work conflicts, relationship problems, etc. – the reasons for its appearance may vary, as well as the consequences. Even the most inconspicuous person is capable of very unpleasant surprises and some especially vindictive/inadequate people manage to spoil others’ lives for years, even without direct (face to face) confrontation. Don’t make enemies is certainly the best rule, but it only works in an ideal/fantasy world. Nowdays a single wrong word is enough to trigger a powerful hate burst.

Be above it. Forgive. Let it go. Undoubtedly you’ve heard such advices. In practice, they are good only for childish grievances. A proven fact: once generous advisers find themselves in a similar situation, their calls for nobility and forgiveness are instantly replaced by completely different rhetoric – for their own good these bearers of virtue are ready to tear enemies apart with bare hands. What people write/say/advise rarely corresponds to what they really do.

The ability to forgive is one of the highest stages of a person’s spiritual development. Not everyone can reach it. What if you can’t forgive? What if your experience makes it simply impossible? What should you do? Holding a grudge, keeping it for years? Doubtful option. To take revenge on the ill-wisher until he/she is completely destroyed? Also not a good choice. It’d be better to appeal to the forces of light with a request for a fair trial. Correctly performed ritual will significantly increase the chances of positive response. How to do it? Contact me, together we’ll consider your situation and select the rite corresponding to its complexity. Confidentiality is guaranteed.