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Evil Eye

evil eye, curse, magic legacy, ritual magic, magicThe evil eye is a simple form of curse vary widely among different cultures. Its influence extends primarily to public figures/celebrities, pregnant women, children, animals, but many of us also face it in everyday life. In some ways, this venomous impact may resemble ordinary hex (jinx), but in most cases it’s performed by intentions (without any magic rituals) – the possible harm depends on the strength of the negative message put into the curse.

What can cast the evil eye? Good question. Well, not only the malevolent glare (gaze). Ask yourself: how often do surrounding people wish us the best with a kind open smile, while their hearts keeping completely opposite, malignant feelings? How often in the heat of an argument/conflict do we hear harsh words, warnings, threats, condemnations? Envy, jealousy, malice, anger, hate – these emotions are familiar to everyone; basically, they lead to the evil eye possession. Other variants (like over-complimenting) are less common. Moreover, not only an ill-wisher can put an evil eye on the person, but some individuals may also damage themselfs. Someone else’s curses or/and our own negative thinking are gradually undermining, breaking our physical/mental health which leads to various unpleasant consequences, for example, the succesfull implementation of the subsequent hex or other black magic influences. Thus, the presence of the evil eye is usually a harbinger of more serious problems.

With all its prevalence, this curse form doesn’t have a strong destructive potential: even without additional (magical) protection we, as a rule, staunchly meet such impacts, otherwise people would long ago have wiped out each other from the Earth. Evil eye is sure dangerous, but excessive suspiciousness, suggestibility, instability – all these aspects contribute to significantly enhance the curse effect on the average person.

Fortunately, there are very many evil eye deliverance methods (rich legacy of the past), but it’s always better to prevent the troubles, than spend time on an exhausting pointless struggle with them. In fact to defend oneself against evil eye isn’t so hard, everyone should follow two main principles:

Observe the rule of silence; never boast of well-being/attract an unwanted attention with stories about own achievements, fortune, success in business, relationship, etc.

To pursue protective measures (charms, talismans, incantations). White magic allows to successfully resist far to much worse difficulties.

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