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Family Curse

family curse, generational curse, curse, magic legacy, ritual magic, magicFrom the dawn of time curse has been considered as one of the most powerful magical malevolent influences imposed not only on an individual, but also on his/her children. Passed down from generation to generation, this impact significantly exceeds ordinary hex/jinx in terms of negative consequences. In the most severe cases it can completely ruin the entire family.

Family curse. It’s invariably accompanied by attempts to find out by whom and why it was done. Well, the reasons may vary, but this program is often used as a ritual punishment (retribution) for the ancestors sins. Simple example: the person had suffered significant damage from someone’s actions. Unable to achieve legal justice, in a moment of despair he/she turned to black magic. Of course, the reasons for such choice must be really oppressive (violence, murder, other serious crimes); everyday squabbles don’t lead to such extreme measures. As a rule, the defendant doesn’t lose relatives support, they help him/her as much as they can (money, connections). This is how our world works – misdeeds of one rotten person mustn’t harm the whole family, so the guilty party is always carefully covered up. Such patronage doesn’t go unanswered: the curse also affects the offender’s kin, brings pain and suffering to every descendant.

This program can be inherited through the male and/or female bloodline. Women are known to be very sensitive and emotional, so they are very susceptible to mentioned influence and it has a more pronounced effect on them. Men, in turn, are not inclined to believe in magic, so they traditionally persist in their unwillingness to notice obvious facts, they always try to find a logical explanation for reoccurring miseries. However, curses are real, malicious impacts exist regardless of the people own beliefs and are little amenable to rational analysis.

Family/ancestral/generational curse typical signs. What are they?

The iniquities of the fathers are visited upon the sons and daughters, children continue their parents tragic fate patterns.

The constant failure of any business venture; financial difficulties, debt quagmire, outright poverty.

Health problems (family sicknesses manifested in every generation), congenital/acquired pathologies, poorly treatable gynecological diseases development, cancer.

Difficulty conceiving children, ectopic pregnancy, stillborn babies, infertility.

Incessant fights among relatives, recurring relationship issues, separation, divorces and, as a result, prolonged loneliness.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, passion for gambling.

Bad behaviors, motional instability, mental problems (insanity, schizophrenia), prolonged depression with suicidal tendencies.

The most egregious sign is the early, untimely death. Its circumstances may look different – accidents and suicides are very common.

In addition, the generational curse doesn’t mean to take effect immediately after the new family member birth, sometimes it happens upon reaching a certain age, for example, 20-30 years. After passing this limit people suddenly lose everything they value in life, even life itself.

Those who found specified signs shouldn’t despair and fold hands. Getting rid of a family curse is a long, hard path, but at the same time it’s quite doable task. As always, the most important thing is human’s personal desire for positive changes.

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