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This website contains information about me and my services, you can visit About me, Why me and Terms sections for more details.

I always begin with a situation analysis. Send me your recent photo (selfie, no glasses), tell me name and date of birth, then I’ll find the root causes of all miseries. My diagnostics is superior to usual methods of divination, as it’s based on ancient ritual, which demonstrates a high precision result. You’ll recieve the right answer to any question.

Note: I don’t need your issue full description, just send me the data mentioned above. It’s absolutely safe: your personal information will remain in strict confidence.

Upon diagnostics completion we can discuss other details, possible solutions and develop custom plan of action specific to your circumstances.

Note: I never ask or persuade clients to use my services, everyone should make own decision. My mission is to provide help, you keep the right to accept or refuse it.

What is important – I don’t make money on people’s grief. I treat each person individually, but my services are affordable. I negotiate cost only once (based on the results of diagnostics) and it remains fixed (unchanged) until the desired result is achieved.

Note: no additional payments (charges) for agreed task in the process.

If you’re ready to accept my help, I’ll provide you with main instructions and payment details. I accept bank transfers, PayPal, WU. After receiving the payment I work strictly until the problem is solved.

My cooperation with client is divided into phases (from simple to complex rituals) and includes everyday sessions. Work duration depends on the issue’s character. Usually it takes 1-3 weeks; first signs of good changes can be noticed within 7-9 days. One lunar cycle (about 30 days) is more than enough to get rid of vast majority of black magic destructive programs.

During the process I maintain a constant contact with the client. At this period my consultations (related to paid task) are free. Sometimes it may be necessary for person to perform simple rituals (according to my instructions): for example, take a bath in salty water or use candles for the living space cleanse; but most of the work I do by myself, while client can focus on his/her daily routine activities.

Still have questions? Contact me. Confidentiality is guaranteed.