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hex, jinx, magic legacy, ritual magic, magicFrom time immemorial hex was one of the most common malicious influences. Nowadays it’s still very much in demand. Envy, hatred, pride, anger, jealousy, greed, lust – vices, base instincts and desires retained power over hearts and minds: where someone admits mistakes and retreats, the others will stop at nothing in order to achieve their dubious goals, even before turning to magic, its dark side.

What is it?

Hex (jinx), wide-known as «porcha» in Slavic countries, represents a kind of magical attack aimed at destroying various aspects of victim’s life, social and private: relationship, career, finances, health. In many aspects its potent malignant nature can be compared to Voodoo spells, but hex’s real consequences tend to be exaggerated. Only the most experienced practioners are able to release this destructive program’s full potential – most often such rituals are performed by laymans using the methods found in the web. Their lack of knowledges and skills significantly reduces an intended effect. However, underestimate the hex is a big mistake: it won’t stop even after completing main task, but will continue to grow inside victim (like cancer tumor), capturing new spheres and striving to destroy everything it can reach. The best solution to deal with «porcha» is to get rid of identified impact as soon as possible.

Hex signs.

Severe deterioration of health, chronic diseases exacerbation, psycho-emotional disorders, unusual aggressiveness/unreasonable hate, constant fatigue, nightmares (insomnia), marriage and relationship crisis, impotence, strange ambiguous problems with business/work – these are some classic signs, but unfortunately there are far too many of them. One more important symptom is character/behaviour change. Usually it is easily noticed by relatives, friends, colleagues, and the victim himself/herself feels that something goes wrong, but he/she can’t do anything with it. As a rule, the processes associated with hex occur unexpectedly and are poorly explained by external factors – in such cases the efficiency of contacting medics or psychologists is close to zero.

Protection from hex.

It’s always better to prevent the troubles appearance, than deal with their consequences for a long time. Any destructive program will successfully implement the set task, if witchcraft victim himself/herself allows it. In the presence of fertile environment (pessimism, depression, negative emotions, toxic thoughts, uncontrollable anger, etc.) the evil seeds germination is only a matter of time. An affected person can partly weaken the influence with a positive attitude and good deeds. The best method to counteract the hex is reliable magical protection, but even this isn’t a panacea, especially against experienced practitioners work.

How to get rid of it?

The law of action and reaction also works for malicious influences: almost any of them can be neutralized by so-called «cleanse». Sometimes people are able to solve issues themself, but this doesn’t apply to especially dangerous programs (for example, death hex). When the imposed negative well entrenches in human body and mind, regular cleanse won’t have the necessary effect without help of people well versed in white magic.

Sometimes they come back.

Note: getting rid of the hex (love spells, curse, etc.) doesn’t guarantee the impossibility of new similar problems in the future. A lot will depend on the person himself/herself and how he/she fulfills practitioner’s instructions/recommendations. There is one important rule you need to remember and strictly follow: never share cleanse details with anyone, even with relatives/friends, otherwise the achieved result will be lost. In addition, you should temporarily revise your circle of contacts, conduct a thorough analysis of relations with other people, and minimize interaction with the former environment that had a negative mental impact in the past.

No less significant are personal changes: the gradual getting rid of bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol), revision of the daily/diet/sleep regimen, control of thinking (words/actions/emotions), striving for inner peace even in difficult situations. To summarize the above: when turning to magic we shouldn’t rely only on higher powers, we should try to improve life ourself, if not the protection will weaken, and the chances of returning to the witchcraft victim status will increase.

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