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seal of loneliness, celibacy crown, loneliness, magic legacy, ritual magic, magicLoneliness. Harmful, devastating condition associated with an unwanted lack of connection and intimacy. Everyone has experienced it, at least once in their lives. Some people feel it very often.

Loneliness is hard, especially for women. This complex emotion has many faces, various forms and the reasons for its occurrence. Vast majority of them can be related to psychological factors. However, it also happens that we try our best to develop and maintain stable relationships, but all attempts end in nothing. Failure after failure, breakup after breakup, the situation stretches for years, brings us depression, despair, an inferiority complex, health problems and loss of hope for a better future. Psychology is ineffective here: the root causes aren’t associated with character traits, but with something dark that goes beyond the usual understanding.

Seal of loneliness and the celibacy crown are two principal types of black magic destructive impacts aimed at destroying personal life. The first one is common for men and women. It starts the sequence of love failures – their consequences are fixed in the mind in the form of corresponding negative attitudes, which inevitably affects relationships with new partners. Under such influence victim begins to program himself/herself to repeat a similar experience again and again, subconsciously striving for self-isolation. In addition, he/she often suffers unreasonable hostility from others (relatives, friends, colleagues). That creates a kind of social vacuum around him/her, a dull emptiness without the simple joy of human communication.

The celibacy crown is a rare nowdays, but still exists. This impact commonly has the character of ancestral (karmic) inheritance and aimed mostly at women. Its name determines the principle of program: the victim doesn’t seek isolation, on the contrary, a person can have relationship – the crown creates inexplicable obstacles, ruins any serious prospects, destroys internal and external well-being, leads to a breakup, which also affects the formation of certain attitudes in the mind, up to hatred of the very idea of ​​wedding. The program’s task is to leave woman without marriage; short/long-term relationships, pregnancy, maternity are still possible.

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