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My Home

property magic, magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicMy home is my castle. Widely known aphorism. It’s hard to underestimate significance of the home: many events of our life are associated with it. House/apartament isn’t just a walled space, it has own energy and atmosphere – sometimes very hostile.

Constant quarrels and scandals, oppressive thoughts, unreasonable fatigue, severe deterioration of health, inexplicable fear, nightmares, etc. – how did a cozy home suddenly become such an unpleasant place to live? Well, among all possible reasons there are those that are worth paying special attention to.

House history. Some people show no interest in such things when renting/buying real estate, but old buldings sometimes hide dark secrets. It’s not recommended to purchase house/apartment which was a murder/suicide scene.

Close proximity to unfortunate, inadequate or seriously ill (immovable) people can also leave a certain print.

Items found/picked up on the street and brought into your house. The more valuable the find, the more likely it’s that someone wanted to get rid of his/her problems, relying on passerby greed. This also applies to receiving (as a gift) or buying used things; economy on new clothes, furniture, appliances, toys, under some circumstances, can cost you a lot.

Hospitality. The good social tradition of the past. Nowdays it may bring unexpected troubles. Also well-known, but often ignored fact: not everyone who has access to your home comes with good intentions. Guests’ gifts or things hidden by them with malicious intent (even insignificant ones, like a small needle) can have a destructive effect for a long time. One simple rule: home is the private territory for the closed ones (friends, relatives); as for other people, you can meet them at a cafe, bar, restaurant, etc. It’s especially important for those who are successful in business and/or happy in a relationship/marriage. Without firm confidence in the sincerity of the giver’s feelings, it’s better not to accept anything from him/her.

All of these reasons aren’t irreversible; it’s possible to return peace and quiet to the house even in the most difficult cases. How to do this is another matter. Contact me for any questions, together we’ll find an effective way. Confidentiality is guaranteed.