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magical protection, magic protection, magic defense, magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicProblems. Relationship, career, business – these and other spheres of our life are permeated with the consequences of (un)passed tests, reckless choices, misconduct or unfortunate coincidence of circumstances. Many of them are ordinary trials we are able to pass by our own. Many, but not all. Some difficulties may have strange, suspicious and unnatural character, inexplicable from the point of view of logic and common sense, with steady tendency to further deterioration. Their appearance is often associated with external influence, supported by something that goes beyond the usual understanding. It’s impossible to solve mentioned situations with common methods, but people often ignore the obvious facts, preferring to continue the pointless struggle.

Magic protection against destructive impacts. Does it exist? One more frequent question from my practice. Yes, it does. Experienced practitioners pay special attention to such issues.

The most reliable defense is the patronage of higher power, but it’s extremely difficult for an ordinary person to achieve it. However, each magic tradition offers various types of protection. However, they all acquire the full strength only after cleanse rituals, otherwise the already accumulated negative energy will continue to bring miseries and only new harming attempts will be prevented.

The efficiency of any shields/barriers, amulets, talismans, etc. depends on circumstances, no one can guarantee the exact duration of their validity. In addition, skilled practitioner can remove almost any protection, so it needs to be periodically renewed. As for my work, upon cleanse completion I provide clients with regular protection which is usually enough for 6-12 months. In addition, I offer several options to choose from, including:

Complete (the most powerful) defense against any sort of black magic attack/influence.

Relationship protection. Counteracts love spells, attempts to quarrel/separate a couple/force spouses to breakup/divorce, etc.

Life/health protection. It’s intended primarily for high-risk occupations: military, police, firefighters. This type reduces the probability of sudden unexpected death, accidents and attacks, protects against injuries, disease.

Protection for property (residential and commercial premises, cars, household things).

Career protection. Helps against office intrigues, gossips, pressure from superiors, attempts of unjustified dismissal.

Business protection. Effective against unscrupulous competitors, contributes to the venture’s favorable development.

Protection for a particular (single) situation. It lasts until issue is positively resolved (the validity period also depends on the specific circumstances).

Advanced complex protection – combines few types.


Due to the practitioners frequent interest in each other’s work, I perform the required task as follows – if someone will try to get information about my client using Tarot, runes, pendulum or other mantic instruments, he/she’ll see a false picture, not the true state of affairs. Protection has a passive character: it won’t interfere any good events, it’ll be activated directly when a harmful/threatening situation arises, preventing external influences and returning negative energy back to ill-wishers.

The clients, in turn, assume to fulfill all my instructions/recommendations. They mustn’t show disrespectful attitude towards faith/religion objects/higher forces. They mustn’t cause deliberate harm to innocent people, especially by black magic spells/rituals.

Do you or your loved ones need magical protection? Contact me, together we’ll select an effective one. Confidentiality is guaranteed.