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questions about magic, magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicOur life is permeated with the consequences of (un)passed tests, wrong choices, misdeeds or unfortunate coincidences. We’re able to solve many difficult situations through our own efforts, but some issues don’t leave such opportunity.

White magic is very effective for problem solving, but its use often raises various questions. The answers to the most frequent of them are presented below.

My help, is it safe?

Yes. It means no deception, no harm to anyone. I don’t use black magic rituals, don’t heal serious diseases. There won’t be any negative consequences for your body, soul and fate. Client’s (his/her family) safety is the absolute priority to me.

How can I help you?

Accurate diagnostics, cleanse (get rid of black magic/destructive programs – hex, curse and others) and protection (for client, his/her family/property), love magic, well-being rituals (fate correction, life improvement, prosperity, finances), career growth, assistance in the business initiatives development, helping in achieve and maintain optimal mental/physical health and this isn’t a complete list – view more in Services section.

Malicious influence, how to identify it?

Before turning to an expericienced magic practioner you can perform objective analysis of the circumstances by yourself. We always feel when something goes wrong. Perhaps, this is just a black stripe aggravated by excessive suspiciousness and soon everything will return to its normal, but if intuition stubbornly repeats the opposite, then be honest with yourself: there are no random coincidences.

How to identity ill-wisher?

With the practioner’s help. As for me, I prefer not to disclose their identities – most people seek revenge and it always ends up with new cycle of destructive programs.

Why don’t take revenge?

It’s not the right solution. Responding with evil to evil, we only multiply it and become like our offenders. However, cleanse tend to return negative energy to ill-wishers and usually that’s not end good for them.

I can’t forgive.

What if your experience makes it simply impossible to forgive? What should you do? Holding a grudge, keeping it for years? Doubtful option. To take revenge on the ill-wisher until he/she is completely destroyed? Also not a good choice. It’d be better to appeal to the higher power with a request for a fair trial. Correctly performed ritual will significantly increase the chances of positive response.

I want to get rid of malicious influences by myself, is it possible?

Yes, except for powerful destructive programs (for example, death curse). Sometimes people are able to solve issues themself, then I just provide necessary information to them.

Magic protection, does it exist?

Yes. It’s always better to prevent the troubles occurrence, than deal with their consequences for a long time.

What is the most effective one?

The most reliable protection is the patronage of higher power, but it’s extremely difficult for an ordinary person to achieve it. However, each magic tradition has different types of protection.

How long does it last?

It depends on circumstances, no one can guarantee the exact duration of its validity. In addition, an experienced magic practitioner can remove almost any protection, so it needs to be periodically renewed.

Is there a magic protection against COVID-19?

No. Magic can improve your appearance/health, but it’s not possible to completely protect anyone from all diseases (and from coronavirus infection, in particular).

Materialization of thoughts and desires, is it possible?

Yes, under some circumstances. However, constant visualization of the expected result won’t be enough for mentioned task.

Is our destiny predetermined?

Our life has two unchanging constants – the date of birth/death. The rest of the events adhere to a certain baseline/script, but the magic intervention can change it – for better or worse.

Are there any safe love spells?

No. Contrary to popular beliefs, even the simplest rituals of this type are destructive in nature – the ultimate goal of a love spell is to suppress man/woman will and the imposition of artificial feelings, which in the long term doesn’t pass without leaving a trace neither for the victim nor for the person thirsting for his/her love. White love spells without harm – you can find a lot of such advertisings in internet, but this concept is initially untenable due to the complete absence of them. In addition, an ineptly performed love spell can become hex with all its negative consequences, in some cases even including death.

How to improve finances?

Working with so-called financial channel isn’t an easy task. Problems with it can be related to the character traits, inability to handle money and/or the presence of destructive programs. Magic is effective in situations of the latter type: when getting rid of them, the financial situation is gradually improved out. Before cleanse all money rituals and spells tend to be blocked by negative energy, which minimizes their beneficial effects.


To become successful/famous/rich/celebrity/politician? Very simple. You must overcome the gravity force, get off the couch and start learning/working. Magic can provide very effective help in achieving goals, but it won’t change anything for those who don’t want to do anything except for casting spells from greasy sofa.

Does everyone have magic abilities?

Magic never was for chosen ones. Everyone can try to reveal their hidden potential, but this will require hard work, certain restrictions and a lot of time.