Silence | Magic-Legacy


silence, magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicHappiness loves silence. Short fragment from one poem is a shell for a simple, but very important, wise rule. The rule of silence.

Future plans, big life changes. Should we share them with others? Keep silence until it’s done – a time-tested truth.

In the age of social media following it isn’t easy. Just a few taps on the smartphone display and your post starts to collect views, likes, comments. Friends, current/former partners, colleagues, random visitors – how will they perceive the author’s experience? Human nature is unchanging: sincere joy for the success of others was always a rare reaction. Indifference, smirk, sarcasm, annoyance, jealousy, painful comparisons, that will most likely meet your message. Some people, however, enjoy to provoke others to similar emotions. Look, read, envy my success – their boundless narcissism goes into a silent scream.

Psychologists may say at this point: person simply shares the positive news, people around him/her react in accordance with their own mentality, while conversation about the possible negative influence caused by their reactions is just an ethereal shadow of empty medieval superstitions. Those who regularly visit therapy rooms will obediently nod, but in our harsh reality, where people are capable of any meanness (homo homini lupus est, man is wolf to man), and even close relatives are ready to tear apart each other in the fights over inheritance, the idea of ​​sharing your personal plans and inner expectations with outsiders is extremely dubious. No less dubious are the obsessive photo reports of private life events. Such pics constant publications makes ill-wishers existence easier and we aren’t talking about banal condemnations. Not every enemy of yours chooses face-to-face confrontation; some willingly resort to the mentioned superstitions in order to surreptitiously settle scores. Sometimes they get success. Inappropriate behavior, aggression outbursts, frequent conflicts, relationship breakup, severe deterioration of health, strange suspicious problems in career, business – what do they have to do with printed Facebook/Instagram photos or data recieved from social network? Well, sometimes it’s quite obvious.

And the last one, vast majority of the negative (destructive magic) influences can be prevented/cleansed, but the discussion of protection/cleanse methods with others (even with the closest ones) nullifies all the work. This should also be remembered.

Happiness loves silence. Never forget it. For your own good.