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spells, magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicSpells. Why don’t they help? One of the most frequently asked questions.

Conditionally, all my clients can be divided into two groups: people without experience in magic and those who have already tried to solve various problems through turning to it. The latter are mainly asking about spells/incantations inefficiency. Indeed, the development of society in science and technology has greatly changed our world, giving, among other things, free access to almost any information. The hidden ancient knowledge became widely available. Nowdays a simple online search offers the rich selection of spells for any occasion – forums, websites, social networks generously endow all interested parties with relevant materials. What could be easier: choose the suitable option, read the proposed text and quickly get what you truly desire. Well, this approach rarely pays off.

Knowledge, faith, strong will, self-control, constant practice are very important components of magic. It’s not enough to write down and recite words, you need at least to understand and learn spell by heart, but for the real success it’s also necessary to have contact with helping forces, observe the ritual part and certain rules, believe in yourself, your actions and clearly imagine the required result. Of course, extensive experience or a gift from on high makes it possible to circumvent some conditions, but for enthusiastic neophytes, inspired by stories about the exciting adventures of teenagers with magic wands opposing an infernal evil, ignoring these components can lead to the most unpleasant consequences, especially if the spell refers to the spirits, demons, etc. How often social media mention this inconvenient fact? Moreover, the most of the information which can be found on web omits serious details, is deliberately distorted or is completely fiction, so the answer to the above question is quite obvious. You’ll find no spells on my website – there’s no need for them here.