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stalking, magic legacy, love magic, ritual magic, magicEven the best relationship doesn’t last forever. Most of us want to live a long happy life with our loved ones, but only few couples manage to fulfill this almost utopian dream. Relationship/marriage is a complex constant process of interaction of characters, convictions, interests. Many simply can’t stand it, so they give preference to the short-term romances.

Breakup. Perhaps, somewhere, in an ideal/fantasy world, highly spiritual partners are able to end relationship in the right way, nice and easily, but our harsh reality is full of completely different, imperfect stories. Anger, hatred, conflicts, threats, blackmail, damage to property, attempts to spoil relations with mutual friends/relatives/colleagues, etc. – this list can be continued indefinitely. Some individuals demonstrate simply diabolical ingenuity turning the life of a former lover into an endless nightmare. There are countless examples of stalking which also include common cases of work harassment and the appearance of annoying (inadequate) admirers who stubbornly refuse to admit the rejection. Of course, when a person has undeservedly suffered severe losses in a relationship, his/her equivalent actions can be understood, but for most cases the best solution is to refrain from revenge and give fate the opportunity to put everything in its place, it’ll certainly do so. Well, as practice shows, this rational decision is very hard for those who are obsessed with hurted ego and strong negative emotions.

How to deal with stalking/get rid of stalkers? First of all, you need to have one last serious conversation with the stubborn pursuer. In a world where people often don’t hear each other/understand much simpler things, this most likely won’t work, but it must be done – at least for your conscience’s purification. Next step is turning to the police. Where words and law show no efficiency, it’s possible to resort to physical pressure. However, some victims for various reasons don’t want to use such methods, and sometimes even their successful combination doesn’t bring the desired result.

In addition to the options mentioned above, there are other ways to solve the problem. Which ones? Contact me, together we’ll find the most effective one. Confidentiality is guaranteed.