Terms | Magic-Legacy


magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicI provide help according to following terms.

Magic isn’t a perfect solution for all issues, some life trials people should pass by their own. I reserve the right to reject requests that aren’t in agreement with the ethical laws or my principles.

Politeness and mutual respect. The basis of everything. Arrogance, familiarity, insolence, inadequacy, etc. – our communication stops immediately.

I pay, so do as I say. No imperatives, no ultimatums. My work is based on cooperation with the client and gradual improvement of his/her situation.

Cards, crystal ball, pendulum, zodiac signs etc. – I don’t make predictions, only diagnostics. Our future depends on many variables, even the most experienced ones can predict an approximate sequence of events and won’t guarantee the accuracy of their words. Do you seek entertainment? Look for a fortune teller then.

Magic has no distance limit. I work with English speaking clients from all over the globe. I need your recent photo (selfie), name and date of birth, that’s all. Personal presence is optional.

Diagnostic report and main instructions – I send them by E-mail. Some questions can be clarified by phone/Skype, but I don’t have 24/7 support team, everyday I recieve a lot of messages and answer them myself, so please value my time.

My clients must implement all recommendations given to them, must keep rituals secrets even from relatives and friends, otherwise the achieved result will be lost.

One more important condition – client’s sincerity, his personal desire for changes, faith in himself and forces of light. If you don’t believe in magic, the result will be appropriate.