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magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicWhite magic practitioner main goals and objectives. What are they? Knowledge, power, own well-being? Each of us prioritizes ourselves. For me the most important things are people’s happiness and their gratitude. Speaking about the latter, I suggest you to read reviews of those who already accepted my help – not all, just some of them. No paid/fake testimonials, only real stories published with the clients permission.

Linda Cheng, USA

Sever, words fail to express the gratitude in my heart. You did find the true causes of my son’s health problems. During clinical examination l said which organs are need to be checked, doctor was very surprised, but in the end everything you said was correct. Thank you for such accurate diagnostics, it helped me and my son a lot.

Sergey Novikov, Moscow

I don’t like verbosity, so let me come straight to the point: I had an extremely difficult situation with business partners, wasted a lot of time and money. All the measures taken didn’t give any effect at all. With Sever’s help I almost solved the problem. For that I’m very grateful to him.

William Schneider, Germany

I’ll always remember what Sever did for me. He helped find a way out of a difficult family situation, which we couldn’t resolve for years. It’s priceless! I thank him so much for understanding, sensitivity and open heart.

Michael Sokolov, Moscow

I had serious problems with work and relationships. Struggled with them for a long time, but nothing changed. That led to certain suspicions. I looked for help, found some wise people, spent large amount of money, but it was all for nothing. I didn’t give up and continued looking for a competent person. So I found Sever. He accurately described my issues and their real causes (personal thanks to my ex and her mother), helped to deal with them, well, not so quickly, but really efficiently. The black stripe in my life finally gone: situation has gradually improved. I still keep in touch with Sever for various questions. Already recommended his services to my close friends.

Chloe P., Canada

In my darkest hour Sever gave me new hope. His empathy warms the soul and fills the heart with happiness and confidence that our world still has such good people. He helped me to solve all troubles. These are not just words. He’s done so much for me. Can’t thank him enough.

Eirik Christensen, Norway

I’m used to being independent, so I rarely ask for help. Recently my problems became overwhelming. I couldn’t solve them. Situation was getting worse week by week. I didn’t want to bother friends or relatives, so I decided to find it by myself. That’s how I found Sever. He helped me to identify the causes of my difficulties. Together we’ve dealt with all issues. Now my life is back to normal. I wasn’t a believer, now I am. Magic exists.