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vaccine, magic legacy, health magic, ritual magic, magicEvery medication has own side effects. Vaccines are no exception: even time-tested ones may cause various health problems, so what can we say about some hastily developed products.

Mass vaccination against coronavirus infection. Its expediency still remains the subject of heated debate. Public health officials dangled mass injections as the only possible solution to stop the global pandemic and save many lives from COVID-19. Well, not everyone trusts their assurances.

As for my position, the mentioned procedure is inevitable, sooner or later adults and children will undergo it. What else can we do? People need to accept this unpleasant fact, but at the same time they should look for adequate methods to minimize the likelihood of future negative consequences and avoid the worst. I suppose I’ve managed to find one of them.

Note: I never deny importance and effectiveness of vaccine, I don’t impose anything, I simply offer a safe magical cure that can reduce the risks of post-vaccination complications.

No delusional spells, useless amulets, witch potions or other schizotericism; your personal involvement is minimized. What is important: this method is based on the white magic proven healing rituals, you won’t find it on internet.

As for the payment, all my services are affordable, I don’t make money on people’s grief.

And one more thing: I don’t take every case, so it’d better if you contact me right after first vaccine shot.