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Viral Diseases

viral diseases, magic legacy, health magic, ritual magic, magicWith the onset of the cold season, comes its ominous constant companion – the season of viral diseases. The current situation in the world isn’t secret to anyone. Where medicine show its vulnerabilities and inefficiency, people pay attention to alternative methods, including those which go beyond the usual understanding.

Nobody has canceled the common sense. Those who believe that white/black magic will grant them absolute protection from any threat should leave these empty hopes. If you have more reasonable approach, if you are ready to use adequate practices to strengthen you immunity, prevent and suppress various infections (including COVID-19, coronavirus), then just contact me.

Note: I never deny the professional medical treatment, I don’t impose anything, I simply offer a safe magical cure that has proved its high effectiveness many times. However, you’ll still need to comply with your doctor’s orders, follow a special diet, take prescribed drugs, vitamins, etc. My help isn’t a panacea or a replacement for all mentioned in the previous sentence.

No delusional spells, useless amulets, witch potions or other schizotericism; your personal involvement is minimized. What is important: this method is based on the white magic proven healing rituals, you won’t find it on internet.

As for the payment, we all understand that such problems can’t be solved for free. At that, my services are affordable, I don’t make money on people’s grief.

And one more thing: I don’t take every case, so it’d better if you contact me in the early stage of the disease.