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magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicWarranty for magic services. Is it possible?

This question has different points of view. My position remains unchanged and is as follows – if I promised to help someone (after detailed analysis of his/her situation), then I’ve assumed certain obligations that I firmly intend to fulfill until the agreed result is achieved. However, the client, in turn, must also accept my terms.

In general, the modern approach to magic can be compared with professional medical treatment: success in healing depends on many external factors like: clinic staff qualification, equipment level and correct selection of drugs; but the patient himself can have a significant impact on the overall result, exactly complying the prescriptions of the attending specialist or following his/her own ideas about their effectiveness.

I’m completely confident in myself. I always begin with a situation analysis, which helps to identify root causes of all miseries and find possible solutions. Moreover, it can give right answer to almost any question. My accurate diagnostics will convince any skeptic, as it is superior to usual methods of divination. According to the received information client makes own further decision – what it’ll eventually lead to also depends on him/her.

Trusting me to solve problems, you assume main obligations:

To fulfill all my instructions/recommendations, keep rituals secrets even from relatives and friends.

Don’t contact other magic practitioners during our interaction. Third-party intervention, especially inept, won’t do any good.

Be honest with me, strive for changes, believe in yourself and forces of light. Laziness, lies, doubts never were allies in such matters.