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Why me

magic legacy, white magic, ritual magic, magicBad things happen. People look for help. There are different ways to find it. Magic is one of them. I’m one of those who use it for good deeds.

Why me?

No pressure on clients – I never ask or persuade anyone to use my services. I don’t have time for social media, don’t promote myself with annoying paid ads, so I created this website primarily for those who search help online. This resource contains articles, tips and recommendations (all written by me) which can be helpful for you.

I always begin with full analysis of the situation. My accurate diagnostics will convince any skeptic. Send me recent photo (selfie), tell me your name – I’ll reveal the truth, give you straight answer to any question.

I don’t make money on people’s grief. I treat each issue individually, but my services are affordable. I negotiate cost only once (based on the results of diagnostics) and it remains fixed, without any additional payments in the process.

I’m not hiding behind a mask. I’m real person, my work is absolutely legit and means no deception, no harm to anyone. I don’t use malicious black magic rituals, don’t heal serious diseases. There won’t be any negative consequences for your body, soul and fate. Client’s (his/her family) safety is the absolute priority.

Your race, religion, location aren’t important, but mutual respect, decency and responsibility are fundamental principles for me.

No empty promises – I always comply with my obligations. After receiving the payment I work strictly until the agreed result is achieved.

Don’t expect an immediate result, an adut adequate person should be able to distinguish reality from myths/movies. My work is based on an attentive approach to the client, interaction with him/her and the gradual improving of situation. Sometimes people are able to solve issues themself, then I just provide necessary information.

My cooperation with client is divided into phases: from simple to complex white magic rituals. Their quantity and duration depends on the task. However, I don’t waste time on ineffective methods and usually it takes 1-2 weeks to notice first signs of good changes. One lunar cycle (about 30 days) is often enough to get rid of vast majority of destructive programs.

And what is really important: for last 15 years I’ve helped many people, some of them still keep in touch with me, some of them became my good friends.